8 Virtual Have-Fun-at-Work Day Ideas

1: Send each other care packages

Send a questionnaire to your team with questions about their favorite things. Randomly assign each member of the team a person to send a care package to. Gather on a video call to share your care package goodies.

2: Shout out on socials

Social media shout-outs are one of the easiest free virtual celebration ideas. Your staff’s good deeds will receive much-deserved recognition and attention. These posts can garner good will with employees and clients alike.

3: Host a trivia hour

Gather some trivia questions, choose a host, assign teams and come up with team names, and let the games begin. First team to get a determined amount of points wins bragging rights.

4: Have a dress-up day

Switch out those slacks and khakis for pajama pants. Put together your craziest outfit or dress-up in 50s attire. Whatever it is, go big and celebrate the best dressed on a video call.

5: Host a virtual escape room

If you are looking to celebrate with games and competitions, then virtual escape rooms may be a good option for your team. There are a wide variety of online escape rooms around, with both paid and free options.

6: Donate together

Create a sense of community by donating to a charity or local organization. Put together a few options for team members to vote on and celebrate the donation together on a video call.

7: Grab your popcorn for movie night

Send a survey to your team with movie titles or ask them to suggest a movie. Screen it together using platforms such as Netflix Party, Hulu Watch Party, or even watch together on zoom.

8: Cocktail/mocktail hour at the home office

Send your team a care package of everything they need to make the perfect cocktail or mocktail. Rendezvous on a video call where a guide will lead the group through a tasty drink tutorial and work-friendly drinking games. End the call with dedicated toasts to your coworkers.