G&A Partners Manager in Recent Healthcare Business Today Article

Healthcare Business Today: Companies supporting employees with more mental health resources

High rates of burnout and an increased awareness of employee mental health and wellness have prompted a growing number of businesses to expand mental health resources for employees, Denise Macik, G&A Partners’ Manager of Strategic HR Advisory Services, writes in a recent Healthcare Business Today article.

“To better support those struggling with burnout, depression, and anxiety,” Macik says, “a growing number of businesses are providing their employees with mental health resources and flexible workplace options, including employee assistance program offerings, telemedicine options that include mental health care, diverse work schedules, nontraditional working locations, and mental-health awareness training for managers.”

Employee assistance programs (EAP) offer a variety of services to employees that focus on the mind and body and that are free to employees, Macik says.

In the “Mental Health in the Workplace” article, Macik also emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive culture, where employees feel their mental health is supported by their employers. To create that environment, more companies are offering mental health awareness training to their managers so they are better equipped to recognize when employees are in need.

“This type of organizational investment has helped to open the dialogue about mental health and provide support tools to help manage stress in the workplace and provide a more supportive culture,” Macik says.

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