Authority Magazine: G&A Expert Discusses Culture Changes that can Improve Employee Wellness

G&A Partners senior HR advisor Glenor Cyrus shares how companies can support overall employee wellness in Authority Magazine’s series, “Working Well: How Companies are Creating Cultures that Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness.”

In the article, Cyrus, who has nearly a decade of experience in human resources, says the benefits of a healthier staff may include “increased productivity, greater employee engagement, decreased burnout, and reduced medical healthcare costs.”

When working with clients, Cyrus encourages leaders to consider the financial return of investing in employees’ wellness.

“When you have a productive workforce and a workforce that loves what they do, your returns are much higher,” says Cyrus. “There is a financial return when you invest in wellness because your workforce will be able to give you 100% versus 70% because they are not well. Most companies will find the money for a new acquisition because it’s easy to summarize the numbers to make that decision. Leaders would benefit by approaching employee wellness that same way.”

Cyrus also discusses perks and innovative programs that companies can offer to improve wellness, including on-demand mental-health apps, hybrid or flexible work options, paid time off for volunteering, gym reimbursements, and employee assistance programs.

“Employers can offer employee assistance programs, which provide employees and their immediate family members confidential access to counselors, resources, and referrals for personal and work-related issues,” says Cyrus.

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