SHRM: Strategies for Improving Employee Satisfaction with HDHP Plans

Helping employees understand how high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) work can improve overall satisfaction with the plans, G&A Partners’ Brett Brown says in a recent Society of HR Management article.

In “4 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction with HDHPs,” the article shares strategies to boost employee participation in HDHPs, which lag behind traditional plans in terms of how satisfied employees are with the plans.

“Employees need to see how their plan works for their personal situation and even experience how it works,” says Brown, G&A’s director of benefits administration, in the article.

Another key to improving employee satisfaction is emphasizing the role HSA and HRA accounts can play for workers.

“Similar to a regular savings account or emergency fund, an HRA or HSA can significantly reduce the stress and even remove the financial burden employees feel,” Brown says.

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