Amy Turner on Employee Priorities

IndustryWeek: During ‘The Year of the Employee’ ask your team what matters most

In 2022, “the year of the employee,” it is imperative that companies focus their energies on recruitment and retention. In her recent article for IndustryWeek, Amy Turner, Manager of Strategic HR, discussed how important it was that employers find out what current and potential employees are looking for in an employer and then create plans to implement change in company policies.

According to exit interviews and 2021 workforce polls, Turner says there are five top themes workers seek while reviewing job opportunities:

  1. Remote workers want to feel seen and appreciated.
  2. Many employees are feeling stuck with no clear path forward—they need to feel like their employers are invested in their future.
  3. Flexible work environments are vastly important to most people.
  4. Employees are hoping to avoid close contact with others.
  5. Employees want to be paid what they’re worth.

Turner goes on to explain the concept of “Workplace 2.0” and offers suggestions on how to improve company culture. She explains that one of the biggest initiatives to consider in 2022 is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She emphasizes the importance of DEI training and certification to make your recruiting strategy stand out, especially to younger employees.

Turner also highlights the importance of increased benefit offerings with a focus on mental health as employees continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Company policies that focus on employee well-being, such as flexible work scheduling and family leave, help foster resilience and reduce stress and burnout in the workplace,” she explains.

After implementing new policies, Turner says companies need to focus on communicating these changes to potential employees. Some of her tips for sharing these changes include:

  • Touring facilities with potential employees to show they are safe.
  • Adding a blurb to the company careers webpage explaining your dedication to safety.
  • Creating a “day in the life” video, updating your career page.
  • Using alternate job boards to reach new candidates.

Read Turner’s full article, “In 2022, Employees Come First,” in IndustryWeek Magazine.