The good news is you can proactively address burnout and support your employees so that they feel safe and appreciated and get the help they need. Steps you can take include practicing transparent and ongoing communication, making creative accommodations, conducting employee climate surveys to gather feedback, and taking steps to ensure gender equality in your workplace. And work with your HR team to make sure you implement these actions while remaining in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

We shared these insights and more during our latest webinar, Women in the Workplace: How to address employee concerns post-pandemic and prevent burnout. G&A Partners panelists Kristi Acurie, Hayley Klein, and Deanna Bretado discussed employee burnout, shared their own experiences, and delved into a broad range of issues facing women in the workplace – before, during, and after the pandemic. In this webinar, you can:

  • Learn the differences between stress and burnout, and as well as warning signs to look for in your employees.
  • Understand how burnout can impact your business, including employee turnover, decreased productivity, revenue loss, and decreased morale.
  • Identify risk factors that help you prevent burnout in the workplace.
  • Acquire strategies for how to address employees’ concerns and help stave off burnout proactively.
  • Learn about trends and business practices that will help you address burnout in your business in a post-pandemic world.

You can access the full webinar recording above or review the slides here. It has been pre-certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for one hour of HR general recertification credit.

If you have additional questions after viewing the presentation or need help tackling your HR needs, let’s talk soon. For other resources, go to G&A Partner’s website, and submit questions to

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