Establishing HR policies and procedures is more than just a legal requirement—it provides your organization and your employees with a set of guiding principles and standards to ensure ethical behaviors, quality products and service, and a safe environment for your team and your customers. And with the right handbook in place, you can proactively address issues and avoid errors, injuries, or potential litigation from regulatory agencies.

The expertise to help you craft an effective and customized employee handbook.

With the right employee handbook in place, your team can proactively address issues and avoid mistakes that can lead to errors, injuries, or—in a worst-case scenario regulatory agency scrutiny and potential litigation. But an employee handbook provides your company with more than a written code of conduct or a first line of defense against liability claims. It can also be a guide to success for your entire organization.

If you don’t have a handbook in place, starting the process can feel overwhelming. The experienced team of HR professionals at G&A know that creating a comprehensive guide can be complex, regardless of a company’s size.

We can help you craft policies that answer employee questions like:

  • What are the guidelines for appropriate conduct at work?
  • Where can I learn more about the company’s benefits and perks?
  • What if I need to be off work for my husband’s surgery?

We can also help managers ensure they are following company policies and providing consistent answers to questions like:

  • How does an employee make a request for a leave of absence?
  • Does an employee’s second job create a conflict of interest?

If you already have guidelines in place, G&A can help you update and evolve existing policies and procedures, or if you’re starting from scratch, we can provide materials customized to your organizational needs.

To learn more about the importance of employee handbooks, view our webinar—The Employee Handbook—which provides you with information, including:

  • An overview of necessary sections and policies
  • The difference between an employee handbook and other policies and procedures
  • The best way to create and maintain your handbook