Service Highlights:

  • Can offer clients more services than other brokers
  • Clients benefit from G&A’s resources and broker’s experience
  • Able to increase revenue but offload administrative work

Broker Story: Alliant Insurance Services

Benefits and consulting firm finds valuable service synergies in partnership with G&A

Alliant Insurance Services, a national benefits and consulting brokerage, helps its clients find the most affordable health insurance options to suit their needs. But it’s not in the business of administering those benefits. That’s one reason why Alliant Senior Vice President Kyle Green says he appreciates his firm’s relationship with G&A Partners.

“The partnership gives us the ability to offer our clients a whole suite of services they wouldn’t necessarily have seen or even expected,” he says.

As a professional employer organization (PEO), G&A Partners provides essential HR, payroll, and benefits administration and procurement services, along with risk and safety consulting. Those of Alliant’s clients who elect to outsource some or all their back-office functions to G&A join a much larger risk pool, which helps them diversify their medical risk and stabilize their annual renewals. In other words, G&A’s large size—and the increased buying power that comes from managing employee benefits for multiple organizations—makes it possible for clients to save significantly on their health insurance and to experience smaller rate increases at renewals.

Green says most clients don’t come to Alliant looking for a PEO or even knowing what a PEO is or does, but when they learn more about G&A, they are “truly amazed” to discover how much money and time they can save. The critical back-office administration services that they receive from G&A allow them to focus more on expanding their core business and better compete in the marketplace. The satisfaction they experience as clients of G&A ultimately has a positive impact on their experience with Alliant, too.

“When all is said and done, [Alliant is] giving us stewardship to take really good care of their valued client,” says John G. Allen, Chief Revenue Officer of G&A Partners.

Allen says G&A keeps Alliant in the loop on all communications between their mutual clients to ensure Alliant’s brokers are always “in the know.” That constant, open communication keeps brokers and G&A on the same page so they can deliver the best customer experience possible. But clients aren’t the only beneficiaries of Alliant’s partnership with G&A.

“[G&A has] set up their model to really keep us whole from a revenue perspective,” Green says. “[They] provide referral bonuses in addition to the commissions they pay out. It’s a residual partnership and they continue to understand the value we bring [along with] the value that they bring.”

Some of that value comes from differentiating Alliant from its other life and health broker competition.

“Not only are [Alliant’s mutual] clients getting access to all of the resources that G&A offers on the payroll, HR, and benefits administration side, [but] they’re also getting access to very seasoned insurance professionals,” Allen says. “When it comes down to it, the broker community plays a crucial part in the life cycle of small and medium-sized businesses. All those insurance products are crucial to attracting and retaining employees. The services that a PEO provides are equally as important and so [our services are] very complementary. Together, it just brings that much more value for the businesses that we all serve.”

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