“GuideCX is a software company. That means we need people to build our product, we need people to design and think of cool ideas, we need people to sell our product, and then you need someone that does facilities (which is still me),” he says. “When I hired my first three or four employees, the first thing that kept me up at night was, ‘Oh, shoot; I don't have insurance.’ I quickly understood that this is not just a nice-to-have, this is a need-to-have, and that's when I [sought] out G&A Partners.”

Ord says G&A was able to take HR, benefits, and payroll off his plate and “that took a huge stress off my shoulders.” He partnered with G&A in 2019, when he only had six employees. By February 2022, he had grown enough to have 85 employees.

“We use G&A for our benefits—[G&A’s] employees [host] annual meetings with our employees, explaining the benefits packages,” he says. “We also use G&A for payroll. Being able to automate that payroll and not have to worry about those payments going out in a timely manner—that matters a lot. We also use G&A for new-hire onboarding. Each employee gets a new-hire packet. They sign our employee handbook and they're off to the races.”

The GuideCX office is in a Utah tech center called Silicon Slopes—the state’s version of Silicon Valley—which is booming with new and relocating tech companies. Competition for tech talent in Silicon Slopes is fierce.

“[G&A Partners] helps us understand what kind of benefits we should be offering our employees,” Ord says. “Ninety percent of being successful in a startup is hiring the right team and attracting the right talent. Understanding how to do that from a compensation perspective [and] from a benefits perspective is critical to our ongoing growth.”

G&A Partners has freed up Ord’s time to grow his business and compete successfully for top talent by taking the guesswork out of his back office.

“How have they helped me? They've helped me by not having to worry about any of that,” he says.

How G&A Can Help

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