Backstrom is the vice president of business management for G-Con. Today, the company has 260 employees helping to build cleanrooms to ship to drug manufacturers who need a pristine environment in which to test the efficacy and results of different therapeutic drugs. The pods are constructed, outfitted, and tested at G-Con’s College Station location, and then they are shipped to the client’s location, tested once more, and then left for the client to conduct their business.

“When you need a cleanroom, you’re going to be buying a construction project,” Backstrom says. “With pods, you actually are buying a cleanroom as a piece of equipment. Sometimes we can shave a year to 18 months off [the client’s] time delivering [its therapeutics] to patients, and that’s a story we like to be a part of.”

Backstrom says he appreciated G&A’s team-based approach to business right away because it melded perfectly with G-Con’s vision and mission.

“Knowing that there’s that expertise on board allows me to delegate some things I wouldn’t normally be able to delegate and made our jobs a lot easier,” he says. “To have a full team behind you—whether you’re a small business like we were when we originally started, or a larger business—it really streamlines the whole HR and benefits functions, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

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