Workers' Compensation & Safety Services

The best defense against workplace risk is prevention… and a strong safety net.

There is always the potential for accidents and injuries on the job, and there is the possibility of mistakes or mismanagement that can lead to litigation. Fortunately, many risks are manageable, especially when you rely on a safety net like G&A Partners. G&A Partners provides tactical support, workers' compensation, and employee safety training to help companies mitigate and manage risks.

Workplace Safety Training & Compliance

Because we believe prevention is the best defense, G&A Partners' team of highly-qualified workplace safety and risk management professionals will help implement and administer a safety program that ensures that your company complies with federal safety standards, and more importantly, that your employees are familiar with safety protocols and trained to follow appropriate procedures in the event of an emergency or incident.

Of course, accidents do happen, so G&A Partners also provides support with workers' compensation. Our workers’ comp experts can manage your employees’ claims or oversee a return-to-work program. In addition to administering workers' compensation, G&A Partners also offers competitively-priced, financially-sound workers’ compensation coverage that meets the strictest standards, including those required to compete for federal, state, municipal, and Fortune 1000 contracts. And you won’t need to come up with a deposit fee or submit to an annual audit.

Additional workers' compensation and safety services include:

  • No deposit, no audit
  • Risk assessments
  • Employee and Company Safety policies / handbooks
  • Safety incentive programs
  • OSHA compliance
  • Locked-in experience modifier rate (EMR)
  • Investigation of fraudulent claims

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