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Avoid These Hiring Pitfalls

If you’ve had any experience recruiting employees, you know that there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong during the hiring process: you might miss out on the best candidate; you might hire someone who doesn’t fit into your organization, or, worst of all, you might say or do something that leaves you and your employer open to a lawsuit. While no company’s hiring process is perfect, by implementing and following carefully constructed hiring policies and procedures, you can ensure that both you and your employer are protected from costly litigation.

Don’t believe us? Just a few months ago the owners of one Houston-based company were arrested and were facing federal criminal charges due to their illegal hiring practices. (Check out the full story here.)

So what’s an employer to do if they’re concerned about the legality of its hiring process? Here are some best practices every organization should follow:

  • Develop a hiring process that is objective, job-related and well-documented.
  • Train everyone who might be involved in the hiring process on the process, and make sure to provide them with any related background information (i.e. laws governing hiring practices and policies) BEFORE they are allowed to participate in the process.
  • Employ this process consistently and across all levels of the organization.

These are just a few of the tips Sean O’Donnell, one of G&A’s senior HR advisors, provided during the latest installment of G&A Partners’ webinar series about the common legal pitfalls employers encounter during the hiring process.

You can watch the entire presentation over on G&A Partners’ resource center by clicking here.

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