Whether working in the office, remotely, or a combination of both, your employees need coaching, feedback, and encouragement to feel like valued team members. G&A's user-friendly online performance management system lets you streamline your employee review process and set, track, and manage performance goals. Our team of experts also help you configure custom workflows and access tools that enhance your company's succession planning and promotion efforts.

Online performance management

G&A’s online performance management system streamlines your organization’s employee development processes in the following areas:

Goal Setting

  • Create personalized employee performance development plans with objectives and activities
  • Align individual goals with team and organizational objectives
  • Set due dates, make comments, and monitor progress

Performance Reviews

  • Configure custom workflows to simplify the employee performance review process
  • Document ongoing performance appraisal feedback and conversations
  • Ensure performance reviews are completed on time with automated notifications

Reporting & Analysis

  • Set, measure, and manage employee performance goals
  • Maintain an ongoing employee performance record
  • Access talent management tools for succession planning and promotions
  • Conduct 360° reviews to gather constructive feedback from different perspectives

Align Compensation & Benefits with Performance Management

Successful employee-employer relationships are built on trust and hard work. When your employees achieve goals and demonstrate dedication, they’re rewarded for their performance. G&A can help you refine compensation and benefits packages—providing your employees with the wages, benefits, rewards, and perks they value most. Aligning performance management with your compensation structure shows employees you value their efforts and will go the extra mile to build a happy, healthy, and productive workplace.

Navigate Employee Terminations with Guidance and Care

Termination meetings are, understandably, one of the most challenging situations managers face during the performance management process. They can be an emotional experience for everyone involved. Even a minor misstep poses the potential for serious legal ramifications and monetary penalties. G&A’s team of human resources experts helps you avoid wrongful termination claims with coaching, counseling, termination guidance and sound HR policies and practices.

Manage Employee Performance and Misconduct

The most effective managers guide team members – helping them grow, develop, and succeed. A successful performance management system trains your managers, team leaders, and executives on how to handle various employee performance situations, including those involving sensitive disciplinary action. The HR professionals at G&A create customized training protocols and help you develop comprehensive policies and procedures to effectively manage employee performance, so you avoid stress or missteps.