Automated Time & Attendance

Time-tracking doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you’re using an outdated process, upgrading to a new, more user-friendly system will help your employees make better use of their time and will provide your management team with a tool to better track hours. G&A’s time and attendance system replaces tedious manual time entry and reporting processes with automated timesheets and overtime tracking, allowing your team to:

  • Save time and increase productivity by eliminating the burdens of manual time management
  • Improve on-time reporting and accuracy with automatic reminders and a user-friendly system
  • Better manage work schedules and resources with overtime tracking and real-time analytics
  • Eliminate payroll errors through integrated timesheet and payroll systems
  • Have more visibility into hours worked, available vacation and PTO and status of time-off requests
  • Understand where employees are spending the most time to help managers evaluate the need for additional resources

For employers that need to integrate their online time and labor management systems with a time clock, G&A offers multiple options so you can find the alternative that best fits your needs. With capture methods ranging from web clock and biometric scans (fingerprint/handprint), to proximity badges, magnetic swipe cards and bar code scans, your team can clock in and out easily, and view schedules, time-off requests, and more via the connected system.

Automated Payroll Processing

As a business owner or manager, you have multiple demands on your time. Between payroll tax filings, garnishments, new-hire reporting and deductions, processing payroll can take up time and valuable resources. G&A’s automated technology helps to ensure error-free payroll and provides advanced reporting tools to create the payroll reports you need to more-accurately manage your budgets.

With automated payroll technology, you can:

  • Quickly generate detailed standard and customized payroll reports, including GL reports
  • Allocate dollars by locations, job, department, workers’ compensation code, etc.
  • Manage commissions, tips, bonuses and stock awards and many other payment types
  • Avoid manual data entry by integrating payroll with your accounting system
  • Easily approve and submit employees’ hours
  • Make real-time changes to payroll and employee information