Personalized HR care for your business

At G&A, we pride ourselves on being a client-driven company. Everything we do helps you create a work environment that supports business growth and employee success. We partner with most any size company to provide tailor-made HR solutions for their concerns.

Thriving organizations across the Live Music Capital of the World trust our experienced HR professionals to simplify their administrative processes and harness the strength of their workforce to achieve new heights

Scalable PEO services in Austin that grow with your business

Our suite of HR services will meet the needs of your company, especially as it expands. You may only need benefits administration today, but you can choose from our many other outsourced HR services as your business needs them. No matter your situation, we’ll be there to support you, on your terms.

Because G&A Partners maintains a strong national presence, our people stand ready to help you grow beyond Austin. This includes expanding to a nearby city like San Marcos or Georgetown, across the state in Houston, or across the country to Minneapolis and Chicago. If it involves taking care of your employees, we’re ready to help.

HR management

Since effective policies create a more productive and thoughtful workforce, the HR experts at G&A can partner with your senior leadership to create or update your company policies. We will also ensure local, state, and federal regulatory compliance that protects your business, while also providing training opportunities, advancement training, and workers’ compensation guidance.

Payroll administration

Thanks to our user-friendly WorkSight platform, you will enjoy streamlined payroll and HR processes. From accurate time clock reporting to timely direct deposits, insightful payroll reporting, and beyond, we will save you time, money, and effort that you can put to higher-level business functions.

Hiring and recruiting

Creating the right team of people is crucial for business success. G&A can find you the fresh faces your company needs as it grows. Whether it’s locating top-notch candidates, sorting through applicants, conducting interviews, or assisting with onboarding, we can help every step of the way. This is especially true as increasing numbers of high-performance people make their way to the next Silicon Valley.

Benefits at the Fortune 500 level

G&A Partners offers your employees access to an extremely competitive benefits package similar to what you’d see at a Fortune 500 company. With the combined power of thousands of clients and their employees, we secure high-quality medical, dental, vision, disability, and accident coverage, along with options for 401(k) plans and more at cost-effective prices for you and your people.

Workplace safety and compliance

Your business needs an all-inclusive office safety plan with training for all your employees. As experts in regulatory compliance for the modern workplace, G&A will custom-build your procedures, train your employees, and conduct necessary inspections to ensure maximum safety. We also offer extra security for your business by providing workers’ compensation insurance.

24/7 Access to HR technology

With our streamlined WorkSight platform, you can conduct many of your HR processes in one secure location. We’ve simplified how you process your payroll, study business analytics, conduct recruiting, prepare professional development exercises, and more.

Austin-area assistance

You get more than HR consultants when you partner with us. You get local support that you can reach out to over chat, phone, email, or in-person to get the timely help you need for your business—whether you’re on 6th Street, in The Arboretum, or hanging on the East Side.

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It’s time to take the next step

To learn more about how G&A Partners can help you create a winning environment that brings success to your employees and your company, schedule a free consultation today. Our specialists are looking forward to speaking with you.