An HR company that does right by Denver businesses and their people

Behind every paycheck, timesheet, and health insurance plan, there’s a real person. At G&A, your people are not just another number. We don’t cut corners, nor do we sacrifice the level of care we provide to employees and business owners throughout the Denver Metro area.

We dedicate time to understanding your business so we can identify what policies exist and pinpoint places where you could improve. We then provide you with essential HR solutions and tools that allow you to develop a HR plan unique to your business needs. Whether you need help with payroll, recruiting and training employees, or an overhaul of your HR policies and procedures, we have a solution.

The HR solutions we provide have built-in flexibility

In business, change is constant. HR is no different. That’s why we bake flexibility into our solutions. Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business in Denver or a well-established company with offices throughout the U.S., G&A has the necessary HR support if your needs change.

Since we have offices across the U.S., including a second Colorado office in Grand Junction, we also have the ability to scale your PEO services nationally. Here are just a few of the outsourced services that many Mile-High City businesses have chosen for their employees.

Expert-guided HR administration

We’re not your average Colorado PEO company. With G&A, you’ll receive a Denver-based day-to-day contact who can connect you to our in-house team of seasoned HR professionals. With 14 locations across the U.S., we will assist you with a variety of human resource requests, whether it be creating workplace policies and procedures, training programs, or employee handbooks.

Payroll solutions free from error

We make sure your employees are paid on time and without error. By outsourcing your payroll to G&A, people can track their time, submit timesheets, request PTO and sick days, and clock in remotely. Employers can then manage time, track wages, and create reports. We’ll handle the back-office duties like payroll administration, tax, and employee benefits deductions.

New talent recruitment

Finding the best employee for the job can be difficult. G&A makes it easy to source top talent in Denver, greater Colorado, and even cross-country. We can take the stress off your recruiting team or serve as your recruitment team entirely. Our HR professionals are experienced in sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding, and training candidates.

Highly competitive employee benefits

Employee benefits are a top deciding factor for prospective candidates. By leveraging our buying power of thousands of clients across the country and their employees, G&A secures benefits for your staff that rival even the biggest of Fortune 500 companies. This includes competitive 401(k) retirement plans, health insurance, and more.

Safety and compliance consulting

G&A can create workplace safety policies and procedures that proactively avoid accidents and protect both your employees and your company. We’re well-versed in modern safety practices, and we’ll ensure your rules are aligned and uniquely customized to your business.

HR software solutions

Keep track of your employees with G&A’s WorkSight platform. It simplifies your HR processes and gives you access to timesheets, pay reports, recruitment efforts, workflows, and more.

Offices in southeast Denver

At G&A, we embrace technology, but we also believe in the power of meaningful, in-person communication. It’s also why many of our associates live, work, and play in the same cities our clients do—Denver being among the top cities.

8055 E Tufts Ave
Suite 400
Denver, CO 80237

(720) 790-5253

More than a Denver payroll company

Whether it’s simply processing your payroll or serving as your comprehensive HR team, G&A has the solution for you. We help improve businesses by increasing employee productivity and streamlining processes, so you save time, money, and energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about the value we could bring to your company, schedule a consultation today. Our Denver team looks forward to speaking with you!