A Las Vegas HR and payroll company that truly cares for your employees

Your employees are more than numbers on a screen. At G&A, our team has built a people-first culture, and we work hard to extend that same care to you and your employees.

When you partner with G&A, we’re in it for the long haul. We get to know your business on a personal level, understanding the deep ins and outs of your product, services, and employees. We then create a custom package based on what we know about your Las Vegas company so you can pick and choose which services you want from us.

At G&A, it’s our goal to exceed the human resource needs of your business and help you grow.

Human resources services that change with you

Every day, companies are expanding, adapting, merging, or acquiring. Your human resources plan should have the flexibility to change, too. At G&A, we design our plans with growth in mind, making them as flexible as possible, so you receive support when you need it.

We can do this for most any size business and stage of growth. So, whether you’re a small business on The Strip or a well-established company with a home base in Las Vegas and offices across Nevada, G&A has a scalable solution for your needs today and in the future.

HR management

Creating workplace policies is a vital and time-consuming job. G&A’s HR specialists develop guidelines, policies, and handbooks for all types of businesses. We’ll work with you to make sure your policies are both compliant and unique to your business and employees.

Payroll services in Las Vegas

With G&A’s online payroll processing services, your employees can rest easy knowing they’ll get paid on time and without error. Our payroll tax and benefits administration specialists have in-depth experience with efficient payroll operations, so you’ll enjoy placing this fundamental, yet essential task in their capable hands.

Talent recruiting

Finding the right employee for the job can be a long, laborious process. G&A connects you with our national team of recruiters, highly trained experts who can assist in every step of the hiring process.

Robust benefits package

G&A supports thousands of clients and their employees across the country, including many in the Las Vegas area itself. We use this massive purchasing power to procure the sort of benefits you typically find only at Fortune 500 companies. Your people will love having access to highly competitive retirement plans, health insurance, vision, dental, and more.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is a serious issue. Our risk management and safety specialists at G&A give you policies and training that have shown to actively avoid workplace injuries. In addition to providing safety handbooks and protection, we also provide workers’ compensation insurance so your employees and business are covered.

24/7 access to our online platform

Our WorkSight system allows you and your people 24/7 online access to the full breadth of your HR tools. Employees can track time, submit PTO, and attend training seminars, while employers can create time reports, manage recruitment, and more.

Located in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Unlike some PEOs, G&A’s HR specialists are a short drive away from your Las Vegas business. While we embrace the latest in HR technology, we also believe in the true power of personal connection. With G&A, you’ll enjoy communicating with us in a way that works best for you.

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G&A can help you grow

G&A’s payroll and outsourced HR services are unrivaled, and the thousands of businesses across the country we represent are proof. Our services have shown to increase productivity, save business owners time and money, and streamline processes. If you’re considering HR outsourcing for your Las Vegas company, then it’s time you talk to G&A.