Tailored HR services that meet the needs of your Milwaukee business

At G&A, we get into the nitty-gritty of your company's needs, wants, and desires to determine what’s best for you and your employees. Our specialists will devise a plan that addresses your specific challenges and care for your business and people like they’re our own. Whether you need help with simple payroll, workplace safety, competitive benefits, or a full-spectrum platform, it’s time you talked to an established leader in back-office administration.

Payroll and HR plans that grow with you

Nothing is truly static—not your customers, employees, products, or services. Because your company is built with growth in mind, you need an outsourced HR company in Milwaukee that can grow with you. G&A Partners can provide the HR savvy and resources you need to thrive today while also preparing for the future.

Scalability is essential to our value as a partner in growth, and we strive to deliver the right solutions at the right time to ensure your company keeps growing.

Human resources management

Not all Milwaukee HR providers are created equal. Your business needs a company that proactively prevents potential problems instead of reacting when something happens. The HR professionals at G&A will address your company’s concerns with clarity and compassion. Our team can create policies and procedures that improve the lives of your employees, increase engagement, and foster accountability.

Reliable, timely payroll

Your people deserve to be paid properly for the work they do. G&A Partners provides both helpful technology and real-world specialists who will take time-consuming tasks like payroll administration off your hands. Your employees will enjoy completing their timesheets with ease, and you’ll be able to review payroll reports on your terms.

Recruiting and onboarding

Finding the right people to join your team is essential, but you might not have the necessary connections. With G&A at your side, we will remove the hassle from your plate and explore a national network of candidates to find those best fit for your business. Not only can we write the job description and assemble possible hires for you, but we can assist with the interviews and then onboard them after they are hired. Growing your team has never been simpler.

Superior benefits

G&A goes above and beyond your average PEO by connecting your company with Fortune 500-level benefits. Because of our deep client base, we can negotiate a top-notch benefits package that includes affordable rates on health, vision, dental, disability, and accident coverage, as well as 401(k)s for even smaller-sized companies.

Customized safety solutions

You want to have a safe workplace that protects your employees and prevents injury, but you’re also not an OSHA expert. When you partner with G&A, our workplace safety specialists will create safety protocols customized to your business. Along with providing you with workers’ compensation insurance, we can also deliver training seminars that ensure your people remain compliant with all current regulations.

Top-notch technology

Practical technology is essential to the modern workplace. Thanks to G&A’s WorkSight platform, you can streamline many back-office processes with efficiency. Your employees will be able to complete tasks such as time and attendance, accessing training, and reviewing benefits, while management can view reports, file payroll, and more. Best of all—you can log into the platform anytime, anywhere.

The personal is powerful

Even with our love of technology and national reach, at G&A, everything starts with taking care of our people. We will communicate with you in the method you prefer—whether it’s email, phone, or online chat. You can even drop by our Milwaukee location to speak face-to-face with a client care advocate focused on the needs of your business.

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Support your people and business with outsourced HR

When your company partners with G&A, our HR outsourcing experts will craft the perfect benefits, payroll, and workplace solutions for your needs and industry. Our goal is to save you money and time that you can then put into other essential areas.

If you’re ready to work with an industry leader in payroll processing and workplace efficiency, contact G&A Partners today. We’d love to schedule a personal consultation with you in our Milwaukee office so you can see first-hand exactly how we can team up to grow your business.