Your Minneapolis business deserves a custom human resources plan

Everything that G&A does helps you develop a workplace where employee achievements and company successes are the top priority. Many businesses have found the answers to their pressing organizational issues with the personalized HR solutions we provide them.

Wherever you might be located across the Land of 10,000 Lakes, our HR experts will streamline your back-office processes so that you and your employees can focus on your business success.

Position your company for true growth with scalable human resources

Excellent HR solutions are designed to grow with your company. Even if payroll and benefits administration are what you need today, we’ll be ready for when your needs increase. We provide the help you need as you need it—from employee onboarding to aligning efforts across multiple offices.

With multiple locations across the country, we have the know-how and capacity to serve a variety of regions. Whether you’re opening a local office in Saint Paul, out west in Salt Lake City, or down south in Austin, we’ll be wherever you need us.

HR administration

G&A works with your leaders to develop the procedures and policies that your company needs to thrive. This includes ensuring compliance with relevant local, state, and federal regulations, as well as offering training options and workers’ compensation supervision.

Payroll processing

Take advantage of our technology to simplify all of your HR and payroll work. Your team will enjoy smooth time clock reporting, on-time direct deposits, and helpful payroll reports that save time and money so you can focus more on your products and people.

Recruiting and hiring

Succeeding as a business can only happen when you have the right people on your team. G&A has the resources, tools, and HR experts to help you locate top talent in Minneapolis. From finding capable candidates to vetting them for interviews to providing insights into hiring and preparing onboarding for your hires, we stand ready to deliver the professionals your thriving Twin Cities company needs.

Fortune 500-quality benefits

To help attract and grow the best people for your business, G&A provides a benefits package that competes with the top offers you’d see at leading Fortune 500 companies. G&A leverages its thousands of U.S. clients so every employee can enjoy ample coverage for their medical, vision, dental, accident, disability needs and affordable 401(k) plans.

Workplace safety and compliance

Your people deserve a safety-conscious workplace. The compliance professionals at G&A will create a custom policy document, prepare your people, and perform periodic checks so everyone stays safe. This includes workers’ compensation insurance that takes care of all parties.

HR technology 24/7

The G&A WorkSight platform streamlines all of your HR tasks through one secure portal. You can complete your payroll, review business data, recruit new talent, and fulfill all manner of HR processes with ease and clarity.

Connect with our Minneapolis team

You’ll enjoy regular communication with our fleet of experienced HR outsourcing professionals that serve our Minneapolis partners. Reach out to us via email, phone, live chat, or in-person so your business gets the answers for your most pressing needs—whether you’re downtown, uptown, North Loop, or somewhere in-between.

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Take your business’s next step

G&A Partners stands ready to help you develop a workplace that inspires your people to drive success for your company. Schedule your free consultation today, and our specialists will walk you through how outsourced HR solutions set the stage for committed growth for your Minnesota business.