HR outsourcing in San Antonio tailored to your people and budget

At G&A, we help you work smarter, not harder with our custom HR solutions. There are many moving parts to owning your own company, and the more you grow, the more complicated it becomes, especially when it comes to giving your employees the care they deserve. Alongside you, your HR department, or office manager, G&A will have a team of HR experts supporting your employees and operations. This includes:

  • Payroll processing
  • Hiring services
  • Tax administration
  • Benefits and health insurance
  • Risk management

We want to work with you and understand your unique challenges to create a custom HR solution that fits your needs—all while being conscious of budget.

Our HR services grow alongside your company

Whether your business stays in San Antonio or grows well beyond its bounds—our services can grow with you. We can create a plan that meets your needs today, but we’ll also be ready for when your plans change, and you need to adjust. Things such as workplace training, benefits administration, workplace compliance and safety training can be added when you need them.

Expert HR outsourcing

A solid support of human resources ensures your company is not only compliant with laws, but also that you’re getting the best out of your employees. Our HR specialists work with you to create policies and guidelines that help your team grow professionally and stay safe and happy. If you already have policies in place, we can also help you update them to better reflect your business today.

Error-free payroll processing

We make sure your people get paid on time and without error—every time. Our HR platform streamlines your payroll process, including time and attendance, tax deductions, and more. We also make it easy for you to access this data for reports, audits, and reviews.

Hiring and recruitment

In addition, G&A’s PEO solutions include recruiting new employees to join your team. When the time comes, our recruiting experts can serve as a partial or full extension of your HR department. We can manage any part or all steps of hiring, from sourcing local talent in San Antonio and beyond to conducting interviews to onboarding employees and more.

Fortune 500-level benefits

As a nationally recognized professional employer organization (PEO), we leverage the massive buying power of our clients and employees across the country to provide San Antonio businesses access to today’s industry-leading employee benefits packages. G&A offers excellent benefits, including but not limited to 401(k) retirement plans, dental, health insurance, vision, accident, disability, and more.

Risk management solutions

Accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere. G&A San Antonio’s risk management specialists help reduce workplace accidents and provide an extra layer of security for you and your employees with our workers’ compensation program. We also can evaluate your current safety training program or create one that keeps your business risks in mind and proactively prevents workplace accidents.

24/7 access to HR resources

G&A’s WorkSight technology platform provides 24/7 access to nearly every facet of HR, including payroll, professional development trainings, tax compliance, recruitment information, employee benefits, and more.

Hometown customer service and support

At G&A, we strive to provide our clients with the expertise and support they need when they need it. That includes having local customer support that is there to answer your questions directly. Our team of HR specialists work, live, and play in San Antonio.

With G&A, you’re just a phone call or short drive away from accessing the support you need.

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Free up time to grow with G&A

If you’re struggling to find time to focus on your core business, then it’s time to talk to G&A Partners. Our services improve productivity, streamline payroll, and maximize employee performance. Schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists below—we look forward to speaking with you.