Preparing for what’s happening now and what’s coming in 2021

With a year of COVID-19 now under our belts, a new Commander-in-Chief in the White House (one who says he plans to be “the strongest labor president you have ever had”), and a new party in the Congress majority, it won’t take a crystal ball to foretell that there will be a lot of law changes for your business to navigate in the near future.

Here are several resources to educate you further on new and upcoming legislation:

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Additional options for financial aid

While the CARES Act will provide much-needed stimulus money to our shaky economy, the amount available for borrowers is finite and, in most cases, has already been loaned out. Not everyone could be approved for the funds. The good news is that you have other options to consider.

Use the resources on this page to learn about nonprofit financial aid assistance, payroll tax credits you can file for and receive early, state and local grants, Small Business Administration debt relief, and non-federal relief programs. It’s important to explore every option available before settling on a single course of action.

Resources & Links

Coronavirus Relief Funds

Candid has compiled a list of funds established in the wake of the coronavirus.

Disaster Loan Assistance

Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses, Private Nonprofits, Homeowners, and Renters

Special offers to help your business through COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 has introduced new challenges for businesses. Here are some helpful tools and offers to help you and your business adjust to these changes.

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Small business survival kit

At G&A, we understand that you’ve invested heavily in your business’s success. Every day that passes during this pandemic brings with it uncertainty, and some level of anxiety about what should be done next to ensure survival.

While you explore available financial aid options, there are other actions you can take to reduce the stress on your bottom line. We’ve compiled resources here that can help you get back on your feet sooner. Learn how to negotiate with creditors and manage debt, cut unnecessary expenses, and what insurances can and cannot assist you right now.

Use this opportunity to explore all your options and then take action to minimize the financial impact COVID-19 has on your business.

Resources & Links

PPP Loan Forgiveness: What You Need to Know

G&A Partners invited tax expert Rolando Garcia, JD, CPA, from Doeren Mayhew’s Tax Group, to shed light on some of the more pertinent questions small-business owners in the U.S. might have regarding new legislative relief funding.

3 things you can do to help your business survive an economic downturn

How do you survive and thrive?

How to Use Microlending to Fund Your Business

Microlending is a possible alternative for small businesses seeking alternative forms of investment. This article by covers how you can expand your business with some extra cash.

Helping your business through COVID-19

Google has put together some useful resources to help your business navigate these challenging times.

Office of Small Business Programs: COVID-19 Small Business Resources

The Department’s latest updates on COVID-19 are available here.

Houston Business Resources and News

The SBA Houston Office has resources and programs tailored for local business owners.

Prepare your Small Businesses

During an infectious disease outbreak, such as the current outbreak of COVID-19, small business owners must prepare for disruption in their business as well as prepare to protect their employees’ health and safety in the workplace.

FAQs for Businesses

The following FAQs build on the Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers and Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Workers.

Supporting Small Businesses

President Trump is helping small businesses bridge this economic emergency by giving them the funds they need to keep their employees on their payroll and stay in business.

Supporting Businesses & Workplaces

How to plan, prepare and respond.