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G&A Partners Adds Tax Management Its Repertoire Professional Services

HOUSTON—April 13, 2009—G&A Partners, a fully-integrated Houston-based Human Resource (HR) and administrative outsourcing company, recently announced a new tax management service that will help reduce tax bills by identifying and capturing eligible tax credits.

Federal, state and local governments offer tax credits to eligible businesses whose decisions help stimulate the economy. The new value-added service will offer G&A clients the opportunity to claim a portion of more than $100 billion in available federal, state and local tax credits and incentives that go unclaimed every year by most business owners.

“The tax management service fits well with the list of services we currently offer,” said Jose Laurel, Director of Human Resources. “We are always looking for new ways to help our clients. This represents another strategic move that will directly benefit our clients and help them grow their businesses.”

G&A’s tax management service program will provide companies with access to years of valuable experience and expertise, cutting-edge technology and professional audit techniques that will directly impact their bottom line while eliminating the time-consuming administration normally associated with tax credit procurement. G&A Partners will help clients identify and capture tax credits by:

  • Identify: Screen new employees and determine eligibility
  • Verify: Collect all forms and supporting documentation for eligible employees and fill out necessary paperwork with state offices in a timely manner
  • Certify: Follow-up with state offices to receive determinations, dispute denials as appropriate, and monitor legislative changes for program extensions and enhancements
  • Report: Calculate credits, and track and report on all compliance issues to maximize credits
  • Expand: Identify and pursue additional tax credit and incentive opportunities

This new tax management assistance program will enhance the existing list of administrative and HR services currently offered by G&A Partners, which currently includes payroll processing, benefits reconciliation, workers’ comp & safety, time and labor tracking, and a multitude of HR expertise services.

The widened range of offered services is a direct result of G&A’s continued development and expansion. G&A is one of the fastest growing privately owned U.S. companies and among the top 10 fastest growing in southeast Texas. Unprecedented growth within the past few years has allowed the company to expand into new markets with offices in Chicago, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.

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