BizWomen: G&A’s Chief People Officer Reflects on Lessons Learned That Shaped Leader

Michelle Mikesell, G&A Partners’ chief people officer, was recently featured in BizWomen’s In Her Own Words, a daily feature sharing narratives from female executives.

In her article “In Her Own Words: Michelle Mikesell sets the table for HR,” Mikesell reflects on how experiences in the human resources industry helped shift her perspective on what HR should mean to a company and valuable lessons from her career that have shaped her as a leader.

“I thought HR meant people programs such as hiring, retention, culture, facilities, and all the other programming that didn’t fit clearly in other divisions,” says Mikesell. “What I quickly learned, though, is that the skills that can yield the greatest impact as a leader are often taught along the journey, rather than in a classroom.”

Mikesell also emphasizes the importance of analytics in making decisions within a business.

“Analytics is more than facts and figures,” says Mikesell. “Great data can also reduce bias by helping make informed choices using the trends in your organization.”

Read Mikesell’s full BizWomen article here.