Industry Week: Positive Culture Key in Managing Rising HR Trends

G&A Partners’ Susan Crowder, HR manager of client success, emphasizes the value of a positive workplace culture in weathering uncertain economic times in the Industry Week article, “A Positive Work Culture Can be a Port in a Storm.”

Positive Work Culture

In the article, Crowder discusses three rising HR trends, including a renewed focus on employee retention, HR’s role in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the workplace, and how to manage a more informed workforce.

A focus on employee retention through transparent communication, support for employee well-being, recognition and awards, and professional development can ultimately help businesses create a positive company culture and save money, writes Crowder.

“When you create policies that encourage happy employees, you are working to combat morale problems, decreased innovation and productivity, and poor client experiences,” says Crowder in the article. “You are also reducing the likelihood of employee turnover.”

HR leaders should also take the lead in adapting generative AI into the workplace.

“While the use of AI offers efficiencies and money-saving strategies, companies should move forward with caution,” says Crowder.

HR teams can help their companies prepare by working across departments to evaluate their needs, collaborating with IT and legal teams to identify AI risks, and crafting policies to guide employees on how (and when) to use AI.

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