CUInsight: Strategies to Help Credit Unions Improve Recruiting

Strategies designed to cast a wider net can help credit unions improve their recruitment efforts in a competitive labor market, writes G&A Partners’ Douglas Henry in the article, “Improve recruiting and attract more candidates with six helpful strategies.

In the article on CUInsight, Henry shares six strategies that can help credit unions attract more talent when trying to fill open positions.

“Quality job candidates are also often overlooked when credit unions cast a narrow net to fill a position,” says Henry, who is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing account manager for G&A. “Focusing solely on experience in the financial and banking industry can exclude potential talent that may be a good fit for your credit union.”

Writing inclusive job descriptions that encourage a more diverse pool of candidates to apply, vetting candidates based on your mission, and finding creative ways to offer flexibility within work schedules are also effective strategies for improving recruitment efforts, writes Henry.

“Vet job candidates based upon your mission, rather than just skillset, and seek candidates who understand your targeted audience and their needs,” says Henry.

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