“To really grow that business, we had to start dishing out and finding the professionals that could pick up different parts of the business for us so that we could continue to focus to grow,” says Warner.

Sarah Warner says that upon meeting G&A Partners, she realized that G&A had a whole team for every individual task she was managing. “Little by little, [G&A was] picking item by item off of my plate.”

“By taking all of that stress, and fear, and worry [we were able] to focus on the fun,” says Sarah. “We wouldn’t be able to have that without the services that G&A provides.”

G&A Partners has given the founders of Ghost Boards the ability to focus on their passion for longboarding – and the fun that comes along with it – by providing them with a team of HR experts that will keep their business rolling smoothly.

“We’re super happy to have someone run the back-office part, so that we can run the front,” Warner says.

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