Service Highlights:

  • G&A Partners client for 10+ years
  • Manage, on/off-boarded 60+ full-time and 400+ part-time employees
  • Allows senior leadership to focus on new initiatives

Client Story: Hale Centre Theatre

Utah Theatre Partners with G&A for a Decade, Simplifying Onboarding and Offboarding

Michael Fox, COO of Hale Centre Theatre, shares how his decade-long partnership with G&A has simplified his work-load and created an easier process for the everchanging circle of employment.

Fox says the theatre was founded 37 years ago in Salt Lake City and along the way they opened a second location in Sandy, Utah. In order to make the theatre run seamlessly, they have about 60 full time employees and 400 part time employees. Fox says they were first introduced to G&A Partners about 10 years ago when he realized that they needed assistance in the HR and payroll side of their business.

Fox goes on to explain a common misconception many people have when working with a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). He says people are often concerned about the PEO taking away all their job responsibilities, but for him it was the opposite.

“What this set up for me was the ability to have a partner in my job, that freed me up to pick up other responsibilities.”

Fox says one of the best things about working with G&A Partners is that the team he interacts with has stayed consistent. The same team that introduced him to the product 10 years ago are still the people he calls today. This has allowed G&A to gain insider’s knowledge on what the theatre needs on a day-to-day basis.

“As we turn over a lot of part time employees, onboarding and offboarding are very important processes for us,” Fox says. “The software that G&A uses, and the team they have behind it has made that really simple for us and that allows us to keep moving quickly in this turning wheel of employment.”

Fox says he was initially surprised at how well G&A’s system fit their business needs. With the help of G&A’s HR experts this partnership allowed him to step away from certain aspects of the business to focus his attention on new things.

“What I love about G&A Partners is that they really own that HR world. They feel the personal responsibility to take care of it, rather than they are just doing a job and they have tick boxes to check — They have a very genuine interest in us and our success.”