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4 Ways Your Employees Benefit from Outsourced HR

HR Outsourcing Can Improve Employee Development in Your Business

When your company signs up with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you’ve made the choice to have experts take care of crucial human resources functions. With outsourced HR, you gain time back in your day to actually run your business, as your PEO will contend with payroll, compliance, health insurance, and more. Your employees also enjoy working with a PEO because they have a trusted resource they can approach with day-to-day questions about their benefits and other HR concerns.

An experienced PEO like G&A Partners can also help with employee development from hire to retire. From new hire onboarding to performance management guidance and everything in between, HR outsourcing can provide your employees with crucial advantages that take the burden off you as the business owner.

#1 Proven New Employee Onboarding Processes

4 Ways Your Employees Benefit from Outsourced HR | G&A Partners

One of the most overlooked aspects of employment is the onboarding process. You might have hired an amazing candidate for the role, but that employee simply can’t jump head-first into the job. Think of it this way – you need to work on your active projects, which means you don’t have time to spend the day shepherding your new employee through W-4s, I-9s, handbook acknowledgments, insurance documentation, emergency contact information, and similar employee paperwork.

By expertly and efficiently handling the details of the new hire process, your PEO ensures that each new employee is introduced to your company in the most comprehensive and professional way possible. This proves especially true if they use an online onboarding tool like G&A Partners offers.

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#2 Helpful Technology

Your employees want answers to their HR concerns quickly, so many PEOs provide technological solutions to address any and all of those issues. Employees can call, live-chat, or e-mail directly with helpful customer service agents on their terms. This includes questions about insurance, training, time off, performance, payroll, and more.

With a self-service portal like the one provided by G&A Partners, they can access paystubs, review benefits, and submit documentation – all without worrying about old-fashioned paper copies. Your employees will appreciate the resources available from an outsourced HR provider, as it gives them agency and control when it comes to their benefits administration.

#3 Compliance Verification

The world of human resources is full of rules, regulations, and protocols, all of which must be followed to the letter so your business doesn’t fall afoul of government agencies. By teaming up with a PEO is for compliance purposes, your employees can be assured that their healthcare benefits, insurance filings, payroll taxes, and more are taken care of by trained professionals who have their best interests at heart.

#4 Established Leadership Development Programs

4 Ways Your Employees Benefit from Outsourced HR | G&A Partners

Many PEOs can provide internal learning opportunities that strengthen and develop your employees The go-getters on your staff will love having access to courses and curriculums designed to help them become skilled specialists, experienced management, or both. Instead of looking outside your company for a niche expert or MBA-trained leader, your PEO can help train the right employees who are fully bought into your corporate culture.

From HR and sales to operations, customer service, and more, you can’t do everything in your company. This includes hiring the best possible employees and investing in outsourced HR. With your PEO partner providing high-quality employee development opportunities, your entire company will enjoy the benefits!

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