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HR Outsourcing Is The Perfect Solution For Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a thrilling experience. For many entrepreneurs, opening their first business is the reward for years, decades even, of working hard for someone else’s dream, and presents the opportunity to pursue their own dream.

But striking out on one’s own isn’t easy, and getting a new business off the ground can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. As a new business grows, its leaders are faced with challenges and crises on a near-constant basis, and, without the proper tools, resources and partners to rely on, an entrepreneur’s fledgling dream can quickly become a nightmare.

There comes a point in the journey of every entrepreneur when they realize that they can no longer manage all the needs of their growing business on their own. By taking on additional staff, they can ensure that the day-to-day and necessary functions are handled: accounting, sales, operations and human resources.

But no matter how many employees an entrepreneur hires, there are certain functions they might not have the capacity to manage completely “in-house.” In these cases, entrepreneurs may need to look elsewhere for these services, and outsource vital functions, like human resources, to other providers. This is not only essential but expected – today, almost every organization outsources some aspect of its human resources management. HR outsourcing providers are especially appealing option for entrepreneurs who lack the time, resources, expertise or interest required to manage the more tedious administrative functions that all employers must handle: regulatory compliance, payroll processing, employee benefits, workplace safety and recruitment, to name just a few.

Reasons entrepreneurs choose to outsource HR

If you’re not convinced that outsourcing HR functions may be the wisest choice for an entrepreneur, check out these points:

  • When it comes to matters relating to personnel, entrepreneurs can rely on HR outsourcing providers to take charge of their human resource needs and deliver solutions that are both effective and cost-effective. Outsourced HR providers also offer various services that can help supplement an organization’s current human resources department and bring about changes to improve the business as a whole.
  • In any business, the finance department is the most important of all the company’s functions, because they deal with issues like payment of wages and taxes, both of which have to be handled with utmost care. This is why outsourcing payroll services can have such a large impact on a business: If payroll issues are not handled properly, the business may end up paying wages at the wrong rates or to the wrong employees, both of which will quickly land a business in hot water with federal and state regulatory agencies. Professional employer organizations (PEOs), a type of outsourced HR provider, are not only able to process payroll on a client’s behalf, but also assume the responsibility of submitting tax proceeds to the relevant government revenue collection agency, eliminating the burden entrepreneurs would have otherwise faced alone.
  • HR outsourcing providers help businesses comply with labor, health and safety regulations that protect employees, reducing the risk of the business finding itself at the center of an employment-related lawsuit.
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There you have it: HR outsourcing firms provide the resources and expertise entrepreneurs and investors badly need in order to ensure their ventures remain successful.


For entrepreneurs looking to quickly and efficiently grow their businesses, choosing to outsource human resources is often the logical next step in their business plan, after getting their business off the ground. HR outsourcing providers and PEOs employ highly trained professionals who are experts in their respective fields and have created proven processes that benefit from proprietary human capital management technologies. As a result, they are able to provide high-quality service and results with little to no errors, something very few start-ups are capable of doing. And when workers know that their paychecks and benefits are consistently accurate, they spend less time worrying about those issues and more time focused on performing their job duties.

Whether an entrepreneur is looking for an all-encompassing solution to their HR needs or just a supplement to their current people and processes, PEOs are able to offer products and services that address all of their specific needs while also minimizing costs, reducing risk and increasing productivity, ensuring that their fledgling venture remains a dream, and doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

If you’re looking for a trusted HR partner that offers outstanding service, top-tier employee benefits plans and more than 20 years of HR experience, look no further. As a leader in the HR outsourcing industry capable of providing both ASO and PEO services, G&A Partners specializes in partnering with business owners like you who are in need of additional back-office support to design solutions that put time back in your hands – time to grow your business, time to develop new products, and time to spend with family and friends.

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