We offer customizable HR and payroll services to many Salt Lake City businesses

Your business is unique—why should your HR plan be any different? At G&A, we reject the idea of cookie-cutter plans and one-size-fits-all mentalities. Instead, we seek to understand where your strong points are and what areas could you improve upon. From there, we’ll formulate a plan that you can then customize to your specific needs.

Outsourced HR services designed for growth

That’s the great thing about G&A—our plans are designed to change as you change. By saving you time and money by streamlining your back-office tasks and processes, we become a true partner invested the growth of your company. As a nationwide leader in HR, we can grow with you as your business expands well past the bounds of the Great Salt Lake.

We can also breathe new life into your current offerings with add-ons such as health insurance, top benefits packages, new hire training, safety compliance, policy creation, and more. Whether you’re a small business or a corporation whose roots run deep, G&A can meet your business needs today and prepare for new ones in the future.

Expert HR consulting

When your business partners with G&A, you’ll gain access to our national team of HR professionals who have decades of experience developing modern workplace policies and procedures. They’ll personally get to know your business, core values, products, and services so that they can better tailor policies to your company’s specifications.

Streamlined payroll services

Pass your payroll commitments to our HR professionals who live and breathe payroll tax administration. We’ll handle the management of benefits, taxes, and other payroll intricacies, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Through our safe and secure platform, employees can track their time, while employers can manage timesheets and create reports.

Top talent sourcing

Because of G&A’s national scope, our recruitment efforts stretch far and wide, helping you connect with the nation’s best-of-the-best in your industry. Our team of talent outreach professionals can perform the same duties an in-house HR manager can, while our recruiting services range from writing job descriptions to onboarding your employees. We support your hiring process at each step.

Benefits management services

Regardless if you’re a fast-growing small business or a company with locations across the Beehive State, G&A gives you exclusive access to leading benefits packages you’ll typically find at Fortune 500 companies. Our offerings include health, dental, vision, 401(k)s, disability coverage, and more.

Safety and risk management

While your office should always be compliant with OSHA, it can be difficult to achieve that standard on your own. G&A’s safety experts help close the gap in your safety policy and training. We provide extensive and detailed recommendations to make sure your workplace is compliant and whose policies proactively prevent accidents. Whether we provide a refresh to your current program or we start from scratch, workplace safety is our top priority.

Cutting-edge tech

While G&A is founded on the firm foundation of building strong personal relationships, we embrace the tactical and intentional use of technology. Our WorkSight platforms offers a safe and secure location for employees to clock in, view benefits, partake in trainings, submit tax files and more.

A strong and motivated team in the great state of Utah

At G&A, we take the “human” part of our job seriously. That’s why our associates in Salt Lake City stand ready to assist you in-person and help move your company forward however we’re able. In addition, our you’ll enjoy the convenience of prompt online assistance through email, online chat or over the phone.

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Your employees need a solid foundation of HR support

A solid foundation of support for your employees can maximize their performance and foster a healthier workplace environment. And when it’s outsourced, it creates substantial savings in time and energy that you can devote elsewhere in the business.

If you think your business and people could benefit from the array of services G&A offers, we encourage you to schedule a consultation below. You can also call our Salt Lake City office above to speak to someone local. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!