Partnering w/ G&A as a Financial Advisor

Through the years, G&A has cultivated a referral network of hundreds of independent financial advisors, just like you, to deliver comprehensive human resources solutions (payroll, HR support, benefits, workplace safety, HR technology) to your clients. Together, these collaborative partnerships do more than expand our client base. They help increase your clients’ profitability and help you acquire additional revenue streams.

Why partner with G&A?

Benefits/Reasons to Partner

In the early 1990s, G&A opened its doors as an accounting and CPA firm working with small businesses. At the time, many of our clients struggled to manage the administrative responsibilities that came with growth, and we quickly realized that offering payroll, employee benefits and other human resources services would enable them to focus on growing their core business. As our business model evolved to meet those needs, so did our commitment to forming trusted partnerships.

G&A’s Partner Referral Network

Over the years, as our client relationships flourished, we realized that many had enduring relationships with insurance agents and financial advisors. This opened up another partnership opportunity—one that honored these long-held relationships and offered trusted advisors an additional revenue stream. This would ultimately become our partner referral network.

How does it work? Advisors refer clients to G&A, and they earn commissions on those referrals. G&A provides clients with human resources services, and those clients focus on their core business rather than administrative tasks. It’s a win-win for all involved.

For our financial partners who are legally not allowed to earn commission on referrals, G&A can make donations to charities of their choice in lieu of the commission.

Benefits of partnering with G&A

By partnering with G&A, financial advisors are able to:

  • Deliver added value to their clients/members by providing them with preferred pricing on G&A’s customizable and scalable HR outsourcing solutions
  • Provide their clients/members with the expert HR, employee benefits and payroll support they need to grow their businesses faster and become more profitable

Help your clients improve their profitability while you gain access to an additional revenue stream.

When you refer business to G&A, you bolster your bottom line in more ways than one. We pay you a commission when your clients sign on with G&A, allowing you to generate additional revenue. You bring added value to your clients, helping to secure an even more trusted relationship.

Enhance current client relationships and establish yourself as a true trusted advisor.

Your clients rely on your expertise to grow their business and increase their bottom line, but their trust in you goes beyond numbers on a spreadsheet. Showing your clients that you’re truly invested in helping them succeed in the long term will help build loyalty.

At G&A, we ensure every interaction with our clients and their employees exceeds expectations, and this helps you to further secure your relationship. That commitment isn’t just something we talk about, either. It’s something we actively measure using the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Tap into buying power for your clients on HR technology, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and more.

With the buying power of tens of thousands of employees, G&A is able to negotiate master plans with top carriers—plans that are often unaffordable for small to medium-sized businesses. Through our network, your clients have the ability to provide their current and future employees access to Fortune 500-level benefit options at highly competitive rates. They also have the option to participate in ancillary benefits programs like vision coverage, dental insurance, and 401(K) programs.

Let’s work together.

As a financial advisor, you bring valued insights and security to your clients. As a human resources solutions provider, we bring buying power and HR expertise. Together, we can offer your clients the full package.