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How to Create a Winning Corporate Culture

Why creating a winning corporate culture is important (and how to build one)

A firm's culture can make or break it. Culture is essential to companies since it sets the tone for business operations from hiring new employees, dealing with clients and employee communication. It’s crucial to develop and maintain a winning culture in your enterprise. For instance, Google’s culture is renowned for being “irreverent with recreation and generous with perks.” Think of how you can instill a particular culture from the start and make it an essential feature of your company’s success story.

Below we highlight several ways business owners can create a corporate culture they (and their employees) can be proud of:

Make a culture that is equivalent to your core values

This is your enterprise, and you are the one driving it. As a result, you must instill who you are into your business' culture. Consider your character and your core values. Are you unwittingly innovative or are you exceptional at it? Do you believe in a "work hard, play hard mentality?" Are you typically unperturbed but also expect the best from your workers? Are you good at collaborating with people or are you excellent while working solo? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself regarding your personality. Take appropriate time to reflect on who you are and the vibe you want your business to radiate. This will ultimately help you decide the type of culture that perfectly fits you and your brand.

Find people who complement (not copy) you

Your company’s culture will be better off with individuals who offer different traits and talents than you. Don’t be tempted to hire people who are similar to you since diversity in a company is vital for growth and longevity. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and hire people who help shore up your shortcomings.

For instance, if you are good at running the numbers and finances but fall short of creativity and innovation, hire creative people. If you are more of a conservative individual, consider employing a risk taker. Diverse perceptions that are centered in a mutual vision will always be a recipe for success.

Have fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Similarly, a little fun is an essential ingredient for creating a positive working culture. Try engaging your employees in fun activities that do not involve work at all.

For instance, you could declare half-day working days on Fridays during summer, or organize an indoor rock climbing team-building activity, or treat your team to a nice lunch. Anything that’s outside work context and feels refreshing and relaxing will do.

Work as a team

Don’t just think of the people working in your firm in terms of departments or staff; instead, think of them as part of a team that strives to achieve similar objectives. Infusing the idea that “we are all in this as a team” builds a sense of community and unanimity, thus fostering culture.

Evolve and maintain your culture

Corporate culture keeps on evolving, and you need to allow it to develop; clinging tightly to the culture your company used to have when it was smaller means you risk stifling it (and your own success).

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect or nurture your company's culture, however. Instead, you should understand that your culture will inevitably swell and shrink and this is okay provided it retains its core. Of course, allowing your culture to grow and evolve as your business grows and your personnel changes may mean making the difficult decision of letting go of individuals who do not evolve with it, but these temporary growing pains will be well worth it in the end.

Chase the mission and vision, not the money

While one of the goals of culture is to improve the overall bottom line, your efforts to foster a positive company culture shouldn’t only be rooted in financial reasons. Keep the focus on creating a culture whereby people love coming to work every day and move in the same direction, and the results will follow organically.

If you take these steps, you’ll be giving your business a better chance of being you are among the fortunate companies known as employers of choice and leaders in their industries.