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Should My Nonprofit Use a PEO?

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Organization Will Benefit from Outsourced HR Services

When you tell people you work for a nonprofit, you probably hear heartfelt responses. “How wonderful and noble that you’re choosing to help other people with your time and talents!”

It's true! You started your nonprofit because you saw a concern in the world that needed to be addressed. But you now realize the day-to-day realities of running a nonprofit aren’t so virtuous. Far too often, tedious HR tasks keep you away from actually pursuing the driving mission of your organization.

This is where a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) comes into play. A PEO offers your nonprofit comprehensive turnkey HR services for all of your back-office administration. It helps you get back to doing the work that’s most important to you, your staff, and the people and communities you serve.

#1 - HR Compliance

No matter the size of your staff, you need to ensure that you remain fully compliant with ever-evolving HR legislation. You don’t want your efforts in the community to be derailed simply because something slipped through the cracks.While your staff doesn’t expect you to be an HR expert, they do expect you to run a responsible organization. This includes implementing the necessary HR systems, policies, and procedures to help your company succeed. A PEO provides you with a full-service solution you can implement with confidence and without needing to manage the day-to-day details.

#2 - Taking Care of Talent

Running a successful nonprofit truly requires a special set of skills. Commitment to the cause is important, but the nonprofit world features distinct nuances you can only learn from years of experience.

With a PEO on your side, recruitment, retention, and development of your workforce is simplified and streamlined. An accomplished PEO will find the right people for your team, ensure a smooth onboarding process, and help keep them engaged professionally.

#3 - Delivering the Benefits

Nonprofits often struggle with offering the same sort of benefits as for-profit companies. This can hamper their ability to attract and retain top-flight talent. This makes sense, as people do want fair compensation for the great work they do.

By partnering with a leading PEO, your nonprofit joins a much larger network by which the PEO has increased negotiating power. This leads to better insurance plans, better rates on those plans, clearer pay structures, and access to features like retirement accounts. Many nonprofits only dream of offering such options to their employees.

#4 - Managing Your Budget

As you likely know, operating a nonprofit can often be a shoestring operation in terms of financing. You must account for every dollar down to the penny. This leaves you constantly filling out grant applications in hopes of securing the funding to expand your services. Paying for top talent and increased benefits seems out of the picture.

That’s what makes a PEO the right choice for your organization. For the price of a single HR professional, you gain access to the full suite of HR services provided. It’s a simple case of investing a little to receive a lot, and both your accountant and workforce will appreciate it.

#5 - Improving Time Management

Ultimately, effective HR administration comes down to having enough time, resources and knowledge to accurately process the multiple steps involved in HR, benefits, and payroll. And guess what – you probably don’t! In fact, the more time you invest into taking care of HR paperwork, the more time you aren’t spending on the mission of your nonprofit.

When you team up with a PEO, you’re handing over that work to a company with decades of experience taking care of those details. It’s literally their job to successfully manage all five of the tasks mentioned in this article. With those responsibilities taken off your desk, you can focus on leading your organization to greater heights.

With a PEO like G&A Partners, you let us take care of all the details surrounding your HR, benefits, and payroll. We accomplish this with a team of experts dedicated to meeting your needs.

If you’re ready to work with a top-rated HR outsourcing company that will help you find the success you deserve, let’s talk!