Top-Rated Workers’ Comp Gives Contractor a Competitive Edge

A construction company finds competitive workers’ compensation coverage resulting in company growth

As an integral part of our bundled human resource outsourcing and administrative services, G&A Partners provides accident prevention services and aggressive workers’ compensation coverage claims management to minimize the risk and costs of on-the-job injuries.

G&A Partners’ rates reflect our purchasing power, sterling loss history and our longstanding relationship with our highly rated carrier, Texas Mutual.


  • G&A Partners was able to help this construction company gain a competitive edge amongst their competition through highly rated workers' compensation coverage.
  • Thanks to the timely and responsive support conducted by G&A Partners’ HR and Risk Management experts, the firm has grown and is considered a highly requested construction company.

The Challenge

In the crowded construction industry, competition for projects can be intense. Even the slightest edge can make all the difference. So when a large contractor risked losing one of its top customers, the owner knew he needed to move quickly.

As work was set to begin on their project, the customer demanded that the construction company show proof of workers’ compensation coverage with an “A-rated” carrier. Without the proof, the customer threatened to pull its contract.

The company’s current coverage was with a “C-rated” paper that the owner had obtained from the workers’ compensation carrier at their current PEO. But the requirements of this top customer sent a wake-up call to the owner. A carrier’s rating indicates an insurance company’s solvency, financial strength, and its ability to pay policyholder claims. The company’s strategy for growth included targeting larger customers such as this one, and if those larger customers were mandating coverage from an “A-rated” or equivalent carrier, he knew it was time for a change.

The Solution

The company didn’t want to lose the contract, so immediately, the owner began searching for a new HR outsourcing company that could help the company meet its customers’ expectations – now and in the future. When the company first contacted G&A Partners, the owner challenged us to provide suitable workers’ compensation coverage at rates that were competitive with their current arrangement. And the owner wanted to know how quickly we could move.

Within just a few days, G&A met with the company’s leadership team to discuss the problem, gathered information to price our services, and delivered a comprehensive proposal that addressed the company’s needs. The construction company quickly hired G&A as its new PEO.

We immediately issued Certificates of Insurance to the company’s clients – including the customer who had demanded proof of the “A-rated” carrier – showing coverage with a carrier that easily met the rating requirement. Shortly thereafter, several of the contractor’s employees began working on the job for the customer.

How G&A Can Help

G&A Partners offers access to HR experts with years of experience helping businesses develop their employees, improve their workplace cultures, implement new HR processes and procedures, and more. Schedule a consultation with one of our trusted business advisors to learn more.