HR Trends in 2024: The Workplace Evolution in Uncertain Economic Times

If there’s one word to describe how most small to mid-sized businesses will likely approach the road ahead in 2024, it’s with caution.

Caution with business decisions – thanks to an unpredictable economy, influenced by world events and upcoming elections. Caution related to generative AI – with all its benefits and risks – as leaders determine the best fit in their own workplace, and caution on how to best communicate with a workforce that is more knowledgeable than ever of its workplace rights.

To help you prepare for these expected trends in 2024, G&A’s HR experts dive into each and offer strategies that will help your small or mid-sized company navigate:

  • Managing Your Workforce Through Economic Uncertainty
  • Preparing the Workplace for Generative AI
  • An Evolving Relationship with a More Informed Workforce
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