A relationship built around your unique goals.

With everything involved in managing human resources, the most important element can sometimes get lost: Humans. Behind every paycheck, medical plan, time clock and safety program, is a person—a unique individual whose skills and talents contribute to the success of your business.

HR solutions that take a standardized approach don’t account for the individual goals and needs of the extraordinary parts that make up your whole—the people that make it all work. From the day our doors opened, G&A has stood firm to our commitment to put people first. That means we take the time to get to know your business and your employees—your goals and unique challenges—and we build a customized, flexible plan to meet those needs.

Adaptive Services

If history (and recent events) have proven anything, it’s that the one constant in business is change. Markets shift, new opportunities are discovered, and even world events, like a global pandemic, can happen. Your business is a dynamic entity. In one moment, there may be a need to scale back. At other times, you may experience rapid growth that, although exciting, can bring its own set of challenges.

G&A approaches every one of our client relationships as a longtime partnership. As such, we have built an organization with fully comprehensive HR capabilities and expertise—one that can scale, grow and adapt as your company’s needs change. Regardless of the current size of your business or its stage of growth, we have the HR solutions, experts, and tools that can help you weather any storm or reach the next level of development—all the while keeping your employees happy and healthy, your organization compliant, and your business primed for success.


At G&A, you have choices. We deliver our services in one of two ways: either through a professional employer organization (PEO) arrangement, or through an administrative services organization (ASO) arrangement. The difference between the two models is in the way the services are delivered—either through a more traditional vendor/client relationship (ASO) or a co-employment relationship (PEO). With the help of the team at G&A, you can find the arrangement that best fits your company’s current and future needs.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

With the PEO model, your company enters into a co-employer relationship with G&A Partners. This enables us to act as the employer of record for your business and share liability with you on employee-related matters, while you continue to manage your employee’s day-to-day activities. The arrangement also gives G&A the authority to perform—on your behalf—many of the tedious, administrative tasks associated with being an employer, such as payroll and benefits administration. In addition, we’re able to process all employees’ taxes under our federal tax identification number. The PEO model is a good fit for growing businesses that either lack an HR team, or need administrative support to augment their current HR infrastructure.

Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

G&A’s ASO model allows you to pick and choose from our wide array of services to create a custom offering designed to support or supplement your current in-house HR staff or internal processes. This á la carte approach is similar to traditional business-process outsourcing and vendor-client relationships and often works best for companies that may not desire the co-employment model, as well as companies that have an HR infrastructure in place and would like a little more flexibility.