Here, we know your name.

If you’ve had prior experience with HR administration or benefits outsourcing, or even direct interactions with providers, you’ve probably dealt with the following customer service issues:

  • Difficulty getting an actual person on the phone
  • Not having phone calls returned promptly
  • Waiting on hold for extended periods of time
  • Constantly being passed off to insurance companies or tech support for help

At G&A, we proactively address your concerns, suggest beneficial adjustments as your needs grow and evolve, and if we get something wrong, we take responsibility and find a quick and effective resolution.

Highest-Rated Client Experience

Each member of our team—from executives to interns—has a passion for creating and maintaining a level of client service that is unrivaled in our industry. In fact, during recruitment, we not only identify top talent, we also focus on hiring team members who share a commitment to providing empathetic, solutions-oriented service. And every G&A employee receives ongoing training to ensure the expertise and support you receive is second to none.

So, how do we know it’s working? We ask you! Every month, we measure our clients’ experience, and through the use of the Net Promoter Score® (NPS), we’re able to receive valuable feedback that allows us to continue to deliver on our promises. This data-based checkpoint helps us to identify our strengths and any areas of concern, and it keeps us informed and always searching for new and better ways to deliver the kind of world-class service that makes your life easier and your business more successful. As a result, our average NPS is two times higher than that of the HR outsourcing industry in general. Since we implemented the NPS program in 2016, our score has more than doubled.


There’s a pretty good chance you’re considering outsourcing HR to free up time you currently spend on necessary, but never-ending administrative tasks. Releasing this burden allows you and your team to focus on growing your business. So, if you do choose to outsource, what happens when your needs change as your business expands?

Flexibility is a key part of the G&A model. We provide comprehensive HR services and support, and we’re set up to deliver those services in the way that best suits you. As you grow and evolve, so do our services, technology and level of engagement. In fact, before you even come on board, we identify your goals and challenges. Once we’re a team, we come together to help you improve and streamline processes and achieve the goals you have set for today, so you can imagine and execute even bigger dreams tomorrow.

Personal, Responsive Service

We’ve all been there. On the phone for hours—shuttled from one person to the next and forced to repeat the same issue or request over and over again. With some HR outsourcing companies, you rarely speak to the same person twice, and many organizations outsource their own customer service overseas in an effort to cut costs.

That’s not how G&A does business. When you entrust us to manage your HR responsibilities, you tap into service that is personal, responsive and familiar. Once onboarded, you and your team will be assigned a dedicated Client Advocate. He or she will be your main day-to-day contact and will quickly get up to speed on your business, processes, immediate needs, and long-term goals. Backed by our robust team of HR specialists, your Client Advocate is your direct link to G&A services and support, including payroll administration, compliance, benefits options, recruiting, and much more.

Highly-Trained Experts

As a trusted resource and partner to our clients, we understand the importance of ongoing training and development for our own team members. Through bi-monthly, company-wide sessions, we discuss and reinforce successful processes, and we open the room to new ways to improve the customer experience. In addition, we established G&A University, a learning resource where our employees take courses in customer service and receive ongoing training related to their specific department and areas of expertise. This commitment to continuing education is what helps us to provide the kind of guidance and HR expertise that has consistently resulted in customer service ratings significantly higher than others in the industry.