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5 Common Recruitment Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Are you making these common recruitment mistakes?

Employee turnover is a natural part of owning or managing a business, but it is important that you use turnover opportunities well. Quality employee recruitment practices are key to staffing your business with the best possible talent. Unfortunately, many firms make too many recruitment mistakes and end up with employees who are not right for the jobs at hand.

To prioritize business growth over easy recruitment, avoid these common mistakes:

1. You don’t know what you want in a candidate.

Having a mental picture of your ideal candidate is key. Otherwise, you might settle on someone who does not truly fit your company or the job. Before you even begin searching, make a list of attributes that you prioritize.

2. Your job description is not accurate.

When you put inaccurate information in the job description or leave key information out, your applicants will be blindsided or disappointed. Transparency is key. Putting all of the information out these will attract applicants who are up for a challenge.

3. You are hiring too quickly.

Recruitment Mistakes - Time To Fill Open Positions Has LengthenedAbout 45% of employees say that the amount of time it takes to fill open positions has lengthened since 2014. But not all employers are taking their time. If you rush the hiring process, you might end up with an employee who isn’t right. (Although, having a super slow hiring process can also cause problems, too.)

4. Your expectations are not realistic.

While it’s important to have standards, it is possible to make your expectations too high. You want to prioritize applicants with certain attributes, but remember that they don’t have to be experts out of the gate. Training exists for a reason.

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5. You aren’t working with HR consultants.

An HR firm can keep you up to date on business best practices and streamline your recruitment process. These professionals are aware of recruitment and HR trends, so be sure to take their advice seriously. They could be the key to business growth that you have been looking for.

Even the best business idea is useless without a strong team of employees. This is why it’s essential to fine tune your recruitment strategy. Pay attention to what strategies work and which don’t, as you may need to make adjustments over time.

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