Bogged down by administrative HR tasks?

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But what HR professionals really want to spend their time doing is developing strategic initiatives that contribute to the company’s overall success, like creating succession plans and designing completive compensation and benefits plans.

“Strategic Initiatives” You Say? Like What?

  • Succession Plans
  • Competitive Compensation Plans
  • Competitive Benefits Plans
  • Training Programs
  • Wellness Programs

Don’t see anything you recognize? That’s okay…

With an average HR-to-employee ratio of 1:100, it’s hard for many HR departments to find the time to allocate to these initiatives. That’s why HR Outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing industries. For HR professionals looking for a real solution to their time-crunch problem, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) may be the answer.

PEOs offer expert administrative services in areas like HR compliance, employee benefits, payroll processing and workplace safety. By partnering with a PEO, companies can shift the burden of these mundane but necessary tasks onto the PEO. This gives in-house HR professionals more time to focus on key strategic initiatives and people-facing problems.

As a result, PEO clients can expect higher employment growth rates, better overall employee benefits packages and, in most cases, reduced HR administration costs.

See how outsourcing tedious administrative and HR tasks to G&A Partners helped Mary, a senior HR professional, focus on more strategic HR functions in this short, two-minute video.