HR solutions, services, and support—built around your company’s needs.

Is your company pivoting to adopt new business strategies, looking to take advantage of expansion opportunities, or simply seeking a trusted partner to take on growing administrative burdens? When your outsource some, or all of your HR needs with G&A, you gain access to the HR infrastructure, technology, and in-house expertise necessary to help your business and your employees grow and thrive for years to come.

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HR management solutions that help your business and your employees grow and succeed.

With access to G&A’s advanced HR management solutions and the support of our team of HR specialists, you can protect and grow your business and maximize the success of your employees. Establish HR policies and procedures, provide advanced employee training and development programs, set and track performance goals, put in place regulatory compliance checkpoints, and more.

HR technology solutions that help you save time and streamline processes.

G&A’s technology platform is a customized and cost-effective software solution that is easy to use, features intuitive workflows, and employs the latest security measures to protect sensitive business and employee information. Our innovative platform includes, but is not limited to:

  • An applicant tracking system that helps you identify and hire top talent
  • A time and labor management system that tracks employee hours and manages work schedules
  • An online learning management system for customized employee training purposes
  • Online benefits enrollment

A successful PEO partnership starts with the right partner.

Outsourcing your HR can be one of the most important and beneficial decisions you can make for your company. But that partnership should be with a PEO who values your business and your employees as much as you do. With the right PEO by your side, this study* found that PEO clients consistently have lower employee turnover rates and rates of business failure than comparable national averages.

*Conducted by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations

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Reliable, timely payroll solutions administered by seasoned payroll specialists.

Get more time back in your day when you tap into G&A’s comprehensive payroll services—and the user-friendly, integrated technology to keep track of it all.

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Health Insurance & Benefits

Robust, competitive employee benefits plans that fit into your budget.

Attract and retain top talent by providing access to Fortune 500-level health and financial benefits—at rates you and your team can afford.

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HR Management

Customized HR management solutions to help your employees and your business grow and succeed.

G&A’s team of experts specialize in designing and implementing performance management tools, training programs, and policies and procedures that position you and your employees for success.

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HR Technology

Innovative technology solutions that streamline and automate your HR responsibilities.

G&A’s integrated HR technology platform simplifies every stage of the employee lifecycle—from hire to retire. Get the tools you need to minimize costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity.


Recruitment tools designed to connect you with exceptional applicants.

With G&A’s advanced technologies, proven recruiting processes, and experienced recruitment specialists, we can help you find and hire top-tier employees for your organization.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety processes and procedures that promote a healthy, secure workplace.

G&A’s team of workplace safety experts can help you design and administer a program focused on accident prevention and employee training.