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G&A Partners Host Webinar HR Outsourcing

HOUSTON—Aug. 15, 2007—G&A Partners, a fully integrated Houston-based human resource (HR) and administrative services company, will host its newest webinar, “The Pros and Cons of HR Outsourcing.” This webinar will serve as a multimedia seminar discussing the high and low points of outsourcing HR recruiting.

Because of the growing desire for information that can be quickly and easily consumed and the frustration with sales-heavy conversations, G&A Partners created this webinar to begin the conversation about the benefits and drawbacks of HR outsourcing.

This complimentary webinar will be hosted by G&A Partners’ President and COO John W. Allen, who has extensive experience in helping small and medium-sized companies address their administrative, HR and accounting needs. The webinar will be on Aug. 28. A recording is currently availible, “The Pros and Cons of HR Outsourcing.”

“HR professionals consume information constantly, and a webinar gives them another format to download critical facts and strategies for growth,” said Vice President of Marketing Anthony Grijalva, Jr. “G&A Partners continues to deliver high-quality content to our community through these webinars.”

While HR outsourcing can reduce costs and increase efficiency, its risks can include a loss of HR control to the hiring firm. The webinar will address HR outsourcing concerns such as this one that may be harbored by HR professionals.

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