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Handling Coronavirus in the workplace

G&A Partners recently hosted a free webinar titled “COVID-19 & Your Workplace,” which featured speakers John M. Polson and Travis Vance, Partners with one of G&A’s labor and employment law firm partners, Fisher & Phillips LLC.

Polson and Vance provided an overview of the COVID-19 situation as it stands today in the U.S. and went into some detail on how the new legislation will affect businesses with fewer than 500 employees. They also touched on best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), offered practical advice to business owners, and answered questions about what can be done, legally, to prevent an outbreak in the workplace.

Vance said it is critical for all employers to carefully consider how their actions moving forward will impact their employees. The choices made today can affect their brand for many years to come, he said, which is why it is imperative to consider public perception in addition to employees’ health.

Polson advised business owners to do what they could to set up employees with the tools they need to work remotely if possible. That will mean ensuring employees working from home have a means to track their time, if they are nonexempt, he said. They should also have access to a VPN network for data security.

Owners and those in the C-suite will need to closely monitor the news and the CDC and WHO recommendations to ensure business continuity, and to quickly weigh risks and make process-driven decisions during this period. Communication is critical now, Polson said, as is the ability to empathize with employees who have an abundance of stress and anxiety due to family and financial issues.

Polson and Vance shared several more tips detailing what employers can do to remain in business and compliance with current and new government regulations. Watch the G&A webinar to hear their advice and their answers to important questions submitted by attendees.

“These are unprecedented times,” said John W. Allen, G&A Partners’ Chief Operating Officer. “During this time of uncertainty, we’ve taken steps to ensure our 400-plus employees are safe and remain accessible to our clients.”

If you are not a client of G&A Partners and would like to learn more about how HR outsourcing can help you in good times and times of crisis, call 1-866-927-6203. If you are already a G&A client and have questions about relief aid, employee benefits, or how to handle employee matters during this pandemic, please call your Client Advocate or our Customer Care Center at 1-866-497-4222.

Download the slides presented in this webinar here.

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