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The Employee Handbook

Everything you need to know about the employee handbook

If you’re a supervisor or HR professional, you probably treat your company’s employee handbook as a sacred text. (And if you don’t, you should.)employee handbook

While you won’t find answers to life’s deepest mysteries in an employee handbook, you will find answers to many of the questions your employees most frequently ask of you: “What do I need to do if I need to call in sick?” “What exactly do you mean by ‘office-appropriate’ attire?” “How many vacation days do I get each year?”

A company’s employee handbook provides its workforce with a step-by-step guide to success. The handbook establishes a code of conduct for employees to follow, and provides a framework for supervisors to follow when addressing any instances of misconduct.

While employers are not necessarily required by law to have an employee handbook, many employers choose to have one anyways. Why? Because the HR policies contained in a handbook act as a company’s first line of defense against lawsuits or liability claims.

Watch this HRCI pre-certified webinar to learn more!

By watching this free webinar you will:

  • Learn what employee handbooks are (and, most importantly, aren’t);
  • Get an overview of the different sections and policies contained within an employee handbook; and
  • Learn dos and don’ts of writing employee policies and maintaining employee handbooks.

This webinar was presented by Starr Harry and recorded on December 6, 2017 at 11 a.m.

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