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The Ins & Outs Of Unemployment Insurance

If you think your responsibilities as an employer end on an employee’s last day, think again.

When an employee leaves or is terminated, they may become eligible for unemployment insurance (UI), which is paid for by employers just like you through federal and state unemployment taxes. Why should you care? The number of your former employees who collect unemployment benefits directly affects your business’s state unemployment tax rate. The more former employees you have who are awarded UI benefits, the higher your SUTA rates will be.

This webinar presents an in-depth explanation of how unemployment insurance affects your business, as well as tips on how to strengthen your UI claims management process and mitigate your UI costs.

Highlights of the webinar include:

  • A high-level overview of the unemployment insurance program;
  • An analysis of the costs and impacts UI can have on your business;
  • Best practices to follow when responding to and contesting unemployment insurance claims.
  • Strategies for mitigating UI costs implement.

This webinar was recorded on September 22, 2016, and presented by Jametra Isaac, G&A Partners’ UI specialist. Please be aware that per HRCI guidelines, only webinars recorded during the current calendar year are eligible for recertification credit for on-demand viewers.


Click here to download the slides from this presentation.

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