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Total Compensation Statements

The value of total compensation statements

Learn how total compensation statements can help you communicate the true value of your company’s compensation and benefits packages to employees.

Total compensation statements; reportsWhen employees think about compensation, they often just think about the number at the bottom of their paycheck – their net earnings for the pay period. Employers know, however, that an employee’s compensation includes so much more than an employee’s take-home pay, and are often frustrated that employees don’t recognize the value of all the benefits and services they offer beyond just a salary or wage.

Enter the total compensation statement – a concise document that helps employers communicate the entire value of an employee’s compensation package, including all those “hidden benefits.”

Watch this HRCI pre-certified webinar to learn more!

By watching this free webinar will learn:

  • What a total compensation statement is;
  • How to use total compensation statements to communicate the value of benefits packages to employees; and
  • How to put together their own total compensation statements.

This webinar was presented by Anu Mannathikuzhiyil and recorded on October 26, 2017 at 11 a.m.

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