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Webinar: Why Do Great Employees Leave?

Every one of your employees will eventually leave – whether because you decide to terminate them, they choose to move on to a new opportunity, or they’re ready to retire. While employee turnover is inevitable, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing employers can do to decrease their chances of losing their top performers.

The real ROI of human capital management (HCM) is retaining high-performing employees for as long as you can. And yet, companies across all industries continue to lose great employees, often without understanding why or how to prevent it from happening again.

Join G&A Partners and our host, Client Advocate Lucy Garcia, for an engaging webinar that tackles the top 5 reasons why great employees leave and provides employers with actionable tips they can use to curb employee turnover within their own organization.


  • How to calculate your employee turnover rate 
  • The top reasons good employees leave
  • How employers can identify if specific factors within their organization are causing employee turnover 
  • Best practices you can use to address and combat the issue

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