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Premium Benefits Help Manufacturing Company Take Better Care Of Its Employees

Employers understand the importance of providing exceptional care to their employees but can struggle to provide that same standard of care to their employees. That’s where G&A Partners comes in. We help our clients not only grow their businesses and enjoy a higher quality of life but also take better care of their employees.


An air conditioning manufacturing company in the Texas Hill Country was accustomed to providing expert care to its customers, but the company’s owners struggled to provide the same quality care to their nearly 30 employees. Despite having a young, healthy workforce, the company could only afford a health insurance plan that saddled its employees with a $6,000 annual deductible. It is no wonder so few employees actually subscribed to the plan.


When the A/C manufacturer engaged G&A Partners, a Texas-based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Human Resources Outsourcer (HRO), they got more than a proven HR service provider. Through an agreement with a nationally renowned health insurance carrier, G&A was able to offer the company premium health benefits at far lower rates than the company could secure on its own.


After a thorough assessment of their employees’ health care demographics, the manufacturing company earned an “A” rating, making them eligible for the lowest rates available under G&A Partners’ master health insurance plan. Now the company is able to offer three health plan options to their employees, allowing workers to select the plan that best fits their lifestyle and budget. With so much flexibility (and affordability), it’s no surprise employee participation in the company’s health plans is way up, which has further reduced the company’s overall health care cost.

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(Ironically, within days of subscribing to the new plan, an employee was involved in a serious accident. Thankfully, the employee was able to make a full recovery and his out-of-pocket expense for the hospitalization was a fraction of what he would have paid under the company’s old plan.)

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