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#HRTailgate Preview: HR Law – Avoid Being Out of Bounds

From hiring to firing, HR law is a slippery slope.

While HR professionals are tasked with knowing the ins and outs of everything from payroll to benefits, human resources law is a territory that should always be top of mind. In 2016, labor and employment laws have certainly been under the spotlight with jargon-filled headlines about the FMLA and FLSA requirements. With so many policies and acronyms, how does an HR employee stay afloat?

We’ve brought together a team of legal and HR experts to share their insights on these important issues. Our seventh HR Tailgate, “HR Law: Avoid Being Out of Bounds,” will delve into the legal pitfalls of hiring and firing. Join us on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CST for an engaging chat led by guest hosts and HR law experts G. Mark Jodon, of Littler Mendelson P.C., The HR Gazette, and Torrence Freeman, HR generalist for G&A Partners.

HR Tailgate: HR Law - Avoid Being Out Of Bounds

If you’ve never been involved in a Twitter chat, don’t fret — it’s simple and fun. A Twitter chat is a live conversation focused on a topic — for this month, ours is HR law. The chat is guided by eight questions; chat participants can engage in dialogue with chat hosts and other chat participants by answering the questions and using the hashtag #HRTailgate. (Forbes shares everything you need to know about a Twitter chat in this article.)

Want to know what to expect? Get excited and gear up for the chat by visiting the recap of last October’s HR Tailgate, “How to Make Your Employees and Teammates Feel Like Star Players,” December’s HR Tailgate, “Employee Benefits Game Plan,” January’s HR Tailgate, “Score a Wellness Touchdown,” March’s “Tackling Social Media in HR,” May’s “How to Score a Work-Life Balance,” or August’s “Gear Up for Workplace Safety.”

How to participate:

First: Follow your chat hosts on Twitter:

Then: Prepare to share your HR knowledge and learn from others with the following questions:

  • What are a few of the biggest legal pitfalls to be aware of when recruiting a new employee?
  • What topics should employers steer clear of during an interview with a potential candidate?
  • What are some potential risks of running, or choosing not to run, a background check?
  • What issues could an employer run into by asking employees to promote the organization on social media?
  • What employee actions might trigger an employer to talk to them about FMLA?
  • What are some reasons an employer might choose to put an employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP)?
  • What are some reasons employers should NEVER use to terminate an employee?
  • How can employers cover their ground and prevent potential lawsuits during the termination process?

Next: End your answers with the hashtag #HRTailgate to participate.

Ready to show off your HR law chops? We’ll see you on Thursday, Oct. 13, for #HRTailgate!

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