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7 Websites All HR Pros Should Bookmark

Between running payroll, setting up benefits, interviewing candidates and conducting training, there’s hardly any time left to get caught up on industry news, trends and insights. And when you finally do find time, how do you know where to look?

Check out the list of the top seven websites our HR experts say every HR pro should have bookmarked.

  1. Society for Human Resource Management (shrm.org)
    SHRM has established itself as perhaps the pre-eminent resource for HR professionals. Unlike the other sites on this list, SHRM is an individual membership organization with more than 275,000 members worldwide. While some of the resources on the SHRM website require users to have an SHRM account, there are still a wide variety of articles, downloadable templates and reports that are free to access.
  2. BLR.com (hrhero.blr.com)
    HR Hero® is a centralized hub of attorney-reviewed HR resources and tools that gives busy, compliance-minded HR professionals the ability to accomplish their daily workload with confidence. Their tools allow you and your team to streamline daily HR tasks and their in-house experts update the state and federal policies on the site daily so you can focus on what's most important - your employees.
  3. TLNT (tlnt.com)
    TLNT, a product of ERE Media, focuses on providing insights and analysis from industry thought leaders on overarching HR topics, including recruitment, company culture, talent management and more.
  4. Fistful of Talent (https://www.linkedin.com/company/fistful-of-talent)
    Fistful of Talent takes a more irreverent and edgier approach to HR, focusing less on tactical and administrative topics, and instead publishing articles with titles like “The Dos and Don’ts of Sleeping at Work” and “Why Your Social Recruiting Efforts Suck.” Fistful of Talent also hosts the “CYA Report,” an informative and entertaining podcast that discusses a variety of HR topics.
  5. HR Bartender (hrbartender.com)
    The HR Bartender is the brainchild of Sharlyn Lauby, who used her experience and expertise as an HR professional to create a community that would allow HR professionals and job seekers to ask questions and develop a deeper understanding of workplace issues, including office politics, employee management and recruitment.
  6. HR Morning (hrmorning.com)
    HR Morning specializes in providing the latest news on harder-hitting HR topics, like the latest changes to the FLSA, recent discrimination lawsuits and health care reform legislation. In addition to serving as the go-to site for information about employment law and regulations, HR Morning also provides insights on lighter HR fare, like recruitment trends and employee engagement.
  7. Evil HR Lady (http://www.evilhrlady.org/)
    Like the HR Bartender, Evil HR Lady was created by another experienced-HR-pro-turned-writer, Suzanne Lucas. Lucas uses this site to aggregate a number of HR-related stories from across the web into a single feed, as well as answer questions from frustrated employees and HR professionals alike, “Dear-Abby” style.

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