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Business and HR Links of the Week 11/19/10

G&A Partners Reading list and HR links

November brings about thoughts of things we’re thankful to have or know. This week our G&A partners link round-up highlights pivotal moments in careers and questions surrounding them:

  • Bill Clinton’s in the Hangover 2, and that makes Mirsa Keegan at Fistful of Talent consider “What’s Next?” Check out her advice on navigating through career choices and how it starts today.
  • HR can be a tough gig. “What gets you out of bed and into your career each morning?” Kelly Tanner asks (and reveals for herself) in this Womenof post.
  • Retention and engagement are big parts of HR responsibilities. Maura Ceiccarelli explores the concept of Lattice vs. Ladder in this article.

Have words of wisdom you want to share? Know something now that you wish you knew then?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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